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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Mohawk Hair Cut

Ever have a "Bucket List? I do. It is getting whittled down slowly but surely. Two years ago I decided to fulfill the mohawk desire. I had taken my son to the barber, one my husband had used forever, and the time was right!
I had a very hard time talking Louie into that, but finally he decided he might as well do it if he ever wanted me out of there. The deed was done! A little axle grease and the old mohawk stood right up as proud as you please.
Now, you should know, I always kept my hair short so the grand and glorious strip on the center of my 65 year old head was only about 3 inches tall. The bald head that surrounded it made it look fantastic! Paid my bill and off to the first stop; step daughter!
"What in God's name have you done? Wait till my husband sees that!" Her husband did indeed make it over to see me and know what he said? He laughed! "Way to go grandma!"
The grandkids were taken aback, but quickly adjusted. The other grownup kids were appalled, but soon adjusted. In all fairness, not all of them live around here and did not see it when it was fresh. I hated that.
The people at church dropped their jaws. But the best part and the part that made it all worth it were the strangers. Not many old ladies show up with a mohawk. The best reaction was the "gang bangers". I would walk down the aisle at the grocery store and run into one of them with his hat cocked on crooked and his eyes all hard and mean. He would glare at me, make eye contact and then give me the sweetest smile.
I had that happen several times and it dawned on me that if we would all just shave our heads and meet on common ground, an old lady and a punk teenager, we might get a little further down the road to peace.
I do not know how many thumbs up I got. Old people smiled, young people smiled,strangers on the street smiled. I had a good time with that haircut.
But, alas, the hair grew back and there was a lot of itching going on when that happened. I don't know if you have ever shaved your head, but there are a lot of bumps and stuff up there that is never seen unless you do shave the hair. Something up there is responsible for what is known as "cow licks." (Cow licks will be a later post!)
Now we all know there is not much sense to doing anything wild and crazy if you do not keep a record of that act. The day after I got my mohawk, I renewed my drivers license! It took the man 2 tries to get the light and everything just right so the mohawk is preserved for posterity! He actually worked with me on that photo!
Now when the clerk asks for my id, I hand her my license, she glances at the top of my head and we have a conversation going! I do not regret that haircut one bit, and may do it again if those kids of mine don't watch out!

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Joanne said...

I remember this hair cut... Wish I was as adventuresome as you are my friend!!! Joanne, your warped weaving friend..