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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Elymay, Table Rock Lake,Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and a really good time.

Well, hopefully I have got these pictures where they go  and they will stay there, or not. Seems to have a mind of it's own, but that shall not change my story.  This is day 5 of our vacation and we have arrived in a little town just up out of Arkansas.  "Up out" sounds so very cool.  This is yours truly with a very wonderful lady I had the good fortune of meeting through the Internet.  I shall call her Elymay.  She lives about 7 inches from Table Rock Lake, and that is getting close to Arkansas as you can get and not fall in the place.  My hair was doing it's usual thing which is poke out in 40 directions, hence the camera bag over the head.

And here we have Lyn and Ely!  Ely has more critters hanging around her house then you can shake a stick at. There are a couple dogs, I forget how many cats, birds flitting by, a fox that pops in on occasion and I am willing to bet other creatures come out at night.
Lyn and Ely

 Ok, I guess these pictures are just going to stay where ever they want to and be what ever size they would like to be, so I am just going to tell you what they are.  These were taken out of the front window of Ely's car and as you can see her windshield is a whole lot cleaner than mine!

They are all just street shots except the big hotel there, but you will learn more about that later.  This town is reminiscent of Manitou Springs, Colorado, just up the road from here.  The front door of the house may be on one street and the back door is around the corner and down about 40 feet. I could see a lot of walking in one of these places.  If you ever think you would like to just get away and kill some time, hop in the car and head that way. If you check with me first, I will alert Ely and she can give you the grand tour.  Great lady!

Now, see that Cresent Hotel there?  I am going to do a blog on that because it is fascinating, but I got to do that darn research part before I write.  So give me some time. I am pretty busy right now.  That and it is canning season! I love canning season.  Well, of course I do, I love to eat!!   And I forgot to tell you I am now a vegetarian, but I am the kind that can eat fish, so I guess I am a like semi-vegetarian.  We shall see how that plays out!

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Tell me is that an all around natural fly bye hair or what I can't imagine your wind shield being dirty Oh my Now i can't wait to hear about the hotel before i forget great looking pictures their have any more you can share just as long as they sit theri