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Monday, September 13, 2010

It is a beautiful day today, but I may get frost bit this morning.

Well, I see this thing is not going to work with me today! Don't you just hate it when you belly up to the computer and it just looks at you with it's blank screen? I started typing and nothing was there. Finally I did the html thing and told it I wanted black as my color. It told me my html was incorrect, but here I am! It is not good dealing with anything smarter than I am that thinks it wants whatever I do not. So now to the subject at hand.

Here we are in the middle of September. The fair is over, the peaches are canned, the pickles are made and I am on strike. I have not made saurkraut, canned tomatoes, nor made hot salsa that is so popular around this neck of the woods. I have priced Pueblo Chiles, but I have not gotten any further in the process, nor do I think I will.

I live alone except for the boy and the girl who are never home and when they are they do not eat the same fare that I consume. They are carnivores and while I do on occasion partake of the flesh, it is mostly the vegetable and fruit stuff that finds it's way through my system. At some point in time I decided I would like to live forever. I have since rethought that also.

Back to the subject at hand for I do most definitely digress. I love Spring. Hope springs eternal at that time of year. I dearly love summer and I don't mind sweating. Do not like it running in my eyes, but other than that, I am good to go. But Fall! I know when fall is here and it is here. I go out early in the morning and the air smells different. The air feels different. There is a feeling in a fall morning that only experiencing it can discribe. It is crisp. I do not have words in my small vocabulary to properly convey to you a fall morning.

So you need to do this; Arise early tomorrow morning. It is 6:22 here now and the sky is just beginning to lighten. It is not quite time for the sun to start streaking the horizon, but I am sure it is close. There is a breeze stirring the cottonwood outside my window and fall is in the air! Very soon Jack Frost will start sprinkling my car window with his little white covering and it will be official. I am predicting the first official frost about the time of my birthday, so watch for it.

But in the meantime I am going to leave the air conditioner uncovered, leave the plants outside, and think about maybe doing some more canning. Who knows. This is Colorado and it is nothing to see a 50 degree fluctuation on any given day. It is a wonder we have not all cracked!

And what is it like where you are hanging your hat today? Amy, in Florida is probably working up a sweat already,huh? Slow down, girl, it will be there tomorrow! Get my bed ready cause I am thinking on doing some traveling south this Winter!

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Anonymous said...

Great blog one of my favorites, all the memmories just flooded my brains about the fall the changeing colors the fresh sweet air and the cooler temps knowing that soon it will be winter. Where everything looks just so pure clean. Nothing like the smell of fall and winter toghether, The flowers, trees and the sky changes mmmm fresh of breath air.

To where i'm at all you get is hot sticky dirty air no changes just from sweat to frozen popsickels in the winter no changes same ole same ole Thanks for your blog i really enjoyed it and it's about time you mentioned me i'm still jealous though Love ye Amy