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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Off to church in my new tee shirt.

Got to put that in first thing everyday so you be sure and get the message.  I am almost ready to go to church and I am going to wear this new tee shirt the kiddies brought me from Washington.  It is black and it says "I am right 98% of the time.  Who gives a crap about the other 3%!"

Isn't it amazing how quickly our children adjust to our personalities?  I think this boy spent a few years thinking I was a bit flaky, but even at that , he snapped out of it a lot sooner than his sisters did.  My oldest daughter was 24 years old before she came to me and said, " You know I used to think you were not very bright and not at all wise to the ways of the world.  I am truly amazed how smart you have gotten in just the last few months!"  Way to go Debbie.  She now has a son who is figuring out that she is a little smarter then he thought. 

Motherhood is an amazing journey and I fear it is one I shall never fully understand nor completely appreciate.  Don't get me wrong, I would in no way ever hope that I had not undertaken this journey, but if I had even one inkling of what lay ahead I think I would have paid more attention to my own dear mother.  Hell, I would have fallen at her knee and never taken my ears off of her!  But now the best part of all.  I have learned to accept my failings as a mother because of something a therapist told me "You did the best you could with the knowledge you had at the time."

There!  Now you know I have been to therapy or have I?  Got some high class friends you know and I might have just gotten a bit of free advice.  You do know I was not the perfect mother, but I tried. At least this tee shirt shows this particular kid figured momma out way early in the game!

Have a good one and try to remember "You can not sprinkle showers of happiness on other people without getting a few drops on yourself".

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Anonymous said...

i always remeber mamas are always right acknowledgable and have eyes in the back of their heads