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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Over sexed tarantula's loose on the Mesa.

Ok, I am making a special posting here, you know, deviating from my regular modus operands.  I read this in the newspaper, so I know it is true.  The Tarantula's are breeding out here on the Mesa and they are not one bit timid about it. either!

I have lived on this Mesa out here since 1982.  In all that time I have seen 2 Tarantula's near my house.  One wandered in and a son-in-law carried the other in the house.  Needless to say he also carried it out at my gentle urging.  You should know going in to this conversation that I do have a tad bit of a case of Arachnophobia.  This means the bigger the spider the more screaming and crying you will hear from this little body.

Now the article in the paper gave us a lot of useful information including the fact that it takes a male 5 years to mature.  I did not actually read the article because had I read it, I would have had nightmares for sure.  I do not want to read about them.  I do not want to think about them.  I only want to know why they are invading my space and I find it is because they are mating.  The mere fact that they are mating causes me to think there will be more of them.  I am about half way smart here on the breeding thing, having had 5 children of my own.

Now what I am wondering here is this; what shall I do if I see a breeding pair?  Shall I cheer them on in hopes of lots of babies?  Should I turn my back and give them privacy?  Should I stand there and extol the glories of safe sex?  I am thinking I wish I did not know how to read.  Or perhaps the Chieftain could write about something that does not cause visions of very hairy legs to come to my mind.  I am hoping this mating thing does not go on much longer.  I am actually praying for a hard freeze.  My life has lots of little turmoils as I scurry along towards the end of it and I can see if I must be on the lookout for giant spiders that I am not going to be able to watch where I am going and I could hurt my little self.

So, where ever you are tonight, be glad you are not out here in Colorado in the midst of this thing going on here.  And you might want to get me a room ready at your house, cause I think I may be moving on very soon!

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Anonymous said...

Now if that was me seeing them mate I sure probably will show them a condom and them ask if they could go somewhere else or i will for sure flush them down the toilet your choice