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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who is paying who off in this deal?

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Now you all know I just went to Kansas and you know good and well that I had lunch with my favorite Republican.  That happens every time I cross that state line, so this is no surprise to any one.  Now, I know this picture may look just a little bit suspicious to some, but there is a good explanation for this.  See Joe agreed to sponsor me on the AIDS Walk in the Garden so when I met him he pulled out the money.  I thought there should be a picture to commemorate the big event so I handed the camera to someone at  our table.  When this picture came up it looked a lot like there was a payoff being made and it was from me to him.  So, I decided we should go public with this one right away and not wait for the New York Times to dig it out of the archives and then paint me as the other woman or some such nonsense.
See, I found out a lot of things on this trip.  I found that Joe has "aspirations".  Now what exactly does that mean?  I do not know, but it sounds like he is aspiring to be something higher than the position he now holds.  Representative or Senator to the big house in Washington, D.C.?  Governor?  President?  Who knows.  Pretty sure of one thing, and that is what ever he decides to do he is going to do it well.  We were discussing a bit of political positions and I find him to be just enough Liberal that I can like him and he still maintains his Republican beliefs.  And he is working on some sort of Energy & Utilities Committee.  We discussed the wind energy that is in place at Spearville, Kansas.  I clocked the wind farm and found it to be 6 miles long.  Joe says there are 100 of the turbines there and when I asked him how many homes that would power he said about 30.  I was astounded as I thought they were more powerful than that.  He did say they have a lot of work to do to make them more effiecient.
But that is not the worst of what I learned that Friday.  It seems that I am supposed to address him as Honorable Joe Seiwert.  Now rest assured, this is one of the most honorable men I have ever come across and I have come across a lot of men in my time.  He does not even cuss!  It is just that I never thought of Joe in this context.  He won his election with 72% of the vote so I am not alone in this.  Just how do I seperate Joe the friend from Joe the politician?
State legislators
The Honorable Joe Seiwert
Address goes here
See, I copied it from the place I looked it up.   So now this throws a whole new slant on this friendship.  See, I thought he was just a farmer down in Pretty Prairie.  But,  now that I know I am supposed to call him Honorable it rather scares me.  See, he is my friend.  Now, I am having to rethink the whole thing.  Not only is he Honorable, he is  aspiring.  And what if this Honorable little fellow were to wind up Governor or something like that?  Now, you people know how much class I have.  If you don't then let me tell you....Uh, not a drop. I do have acquaintances in high places, but this is a friend.  I have never seen this man in anything but jeans and a Harley tee shirt, with straw stuck in his hair.  Look at him up there!  He just looks like a ornery little boy there.  Who would know he may one day be President of this great country.  And a very fine President he will be! 
Oh, the twists and turns life hands us. 

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Rhonda Pitts-Crissman said...

I enjoyed meeting Joe! What a down to earth guy!

Lou Mercer said...

Joe is a winner by any standards and I am proud to call him friend. It was great seeing you guys!