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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve, Christmas and damn that printer!

In case you wondered what happened to me,  I went to church Christmas Eve, then a short walk around the Riverwalk, and came home.  Here I remained alone and in solitude until this morning, when I emerged for my morning telephone conversation with Jackie.  This is my first isolated Christmas in years and I must confess, I rather enjoyed the experience.  There were no presents and thus no wrapping paper to sacrifice to the Recycle God.  I did buy a new printer on Tuesday,  not as a gift to myself, but rather out of necessity.  This led to a good cleaning of the office so it could rest in a dust free environment!  I decided to hook this up wireless.  
That led to an evening of trying to find the right button to poke so the computer could recognize this foreign device that had invaded or rather, not invaded the hard drive.  That did not happen until I realized (sometime in the middle of the night) that I had neglected to attach the USB cord so it could be read.  Then this morning Jackie talked me through getting it to bypass OneNote.  Aaaargh!!!  I want it to be wireless so I am going to unhook the USB after I print a label and I think I am good to go.  Hooray!  for technology!!
So now it is the day after Christmas and  I am back in the swing of things.  Need to pick up a very old friend and take her to the library to see the quilt display.  That will probably happen tomorrow.  Need to take some stuff out to Sister Nancy.  Got to get back the Mesa Nails, so I can finish that blog.  I have a little more dusting here in the office and need to wash the doggie beds.  Then down to the weaving room and vacuum that so I can measure out a warp and get to weaving.  I am working on my Aspirations for 2014 list.  Used to call that my New Years Resolutions, but that never worked out, so now I have high hopes and aspirations!  May actually publish that so you can all see that I really mean well.  I just get side tracked by life.  But then, don't we all?
Which brings me to my Words of Wisdom for the day...

Keep your eye on the prize, your shoulder to the wheel, and just try to work in that position!


travelinggramma63 said...

Lou, however you celebrated Christmas, I am glad that you enjoyed it. I like your idea of aspirations rather than resolutions, it has a more positive note. Sorry that I was not able to get to church when we were in Pueblo, but unfortunately we were on a time schedule, so ultimately left Pueblo on Sunday morning. Keep writing cause it helps me to keep up with you.

Lou Mercer said...

I am not fast enough to keep up with you guys!! Lou