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Saturday, December 14, 2013

If the bubble wrap arrives, can the earrings be far behind?

For all you people out there who have come to think of me as someone who can be depended on to do the right thing, I have a surprise for you.  Apparently I am either the most inept woman on the planet, or I have got a poltergeist on my shoulder.  On December 9 (my late husbands birthday) one of my auctions on ebay closed with a $4.99 sale.    As with all my auctions, I went and got the product, which happened to be 5 pairs of clip on earrings.  I put them in a box on the buffet and printed my shipping label.   I pride myself in same day shipping so I  stapled the receipt to the invoice, attached the  label to the package and drove over to the shipping center.  A job well done!
That evening I was jacking around in the office and low and behold!  The package with the clip on earrings was on my desk!  Damn!  I immediately emailed the intended recipient and told her that I had inadvertently sent her 13 pairs of pieced earrings which was on the same shelf.  I told her I would immediately get these in the mail and she should keep the pierced  earrings as a penance on my part.  She was very understanding.  I told her she would first receive the pierced earrings and the following day would be her actual purchase.  So, I printed the shipping label, stapled the receipt on top of the first receipt on the invoice and the next morning scurried off to the shipping center.
A day passed and I got an email from the little lady in California that she had received the first box and it contained, not earrings, but empty jewelry bags.  What the hay!  I went to check on my plastic bag supply and what do you think I found?  Nothing!  I went to the desk and what did I see?  Those wretched clip on earrings twinkling at me in their plastic bag.  Grabbing them in my tight little fist I crammed them in the box.  I showed the box to my daughter and together we sealed the box and held it while I printed yet a third label!  This we attached to box, stapled the receipt on top of all the other receipts on the invoice and decided I must be losing it.
Last night I received an email that the second box had arrived and it contained bubble wrap!  By this time I am doubting my sanity completely.  Where are the damn pierced earrings that I so carefully sent the first day?  I have a 2400 square foot house which I have turned upside down and not found them!  They have got to be here some where.  I sent plastic bags, bubble wrap, and clip on earrings (I hope).  Now this is a total of $7.14 to send what should have been one item.  I can see where I am going in the hole here.
My daughter decided that I must be wound a little tight so we needed to relax a bit.  She treated me to a pedicure, which I have not had since Marlene went to Las Vegas and stayed!  That will be reviewed on    Hey! I Been There!  in a day or so.
In the meantime, I am just letting you know that I am NOT infallible!  So if you make an appointment with me and I don't show up, it is nothing personal.  Know also that your secrets are safe with me, not because I am trustworthy, but rather because I forgot them.  If my house looks like a hurrican hit it that is because I am still looking for my MP3 player and those damned pierced earrings!
And thank you, dear Amy, for being so patient with an old woman!


Tideland said...

This is your client, Amy, with the two empty boxes and waiting for the third with the clip on earrings. I think it's hilarious that these things happen in life, and I know you are trying very hard to make good on our sale. Just so you's one little ole lady to another little ole lady! :-)

Lou Mercer said...

Ah! Are you one patient little ole lady or what? I am on pins and needles awaiting your next package report! For now, I am off to buy jewelry bags and bubble wrap! LOL


Unknown said...

Heck I'm kinda nervous about it and I've got nothing invested. I just know how it goes sometimes.